Recent Cannabis Use, Automatic DQ??

If recent pot use is within the one year period is that an automatic DQ for a public trust background investigation? No security clearance required. Please discuss non sensitive, moderate, and high risk positions. What time frame will mitigate use and does medical vs recreational in legal states matter?

I can only speak for the cleared side. I imagine the standard is fairly consistent. For clearances, it matters not that a state legalized it. The clearance is federal and must follow federal rules. It will be fascinating if any of the current candidates running actually press through with plans for full and complete legalization. Just working through the parameters of what the impacts are will take time. But it will make for an interesting clearance and public trust world.


Federal “legalization” will only legalize pot in those states where it is already legal at the state level. The remaining states will need to repeal THEIR pot laws before legalization occurs.

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