Recent Marijuana Use, Public Trust w/ High Risk designation

I recently accepted a contractor job in the DC metro area that requires a Public Trust with a high risk designation. I completely forgot to disclose on my e-QIP for the SF-85P position that I smoked a very small amount of marijuana on one occasion about 5 months ago in a social setting. I had recently moved to the area and was under the impression that it was legalized - I subsequently found out it was just decriminalized. Of course, I understand that the federal government doesn’t recognize legalization. Otherwise, I haven’t smoked or used any other drugs in the past seven years.

I’m going to immediately disclose this information during the subject interview regardless. But, I’m curious whether this will disqualify me - the position is not with DOJ, DOD, FBI, CIA, USCBP.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Well, the reason the position was designated high risk public trust is because the duties require the utmost trustworthiness and integrity. The issue of the one-time marijuana use may or may not disqualify you (most likely not), but your lack of candor on government forms (SF85P and OF306) will definitely be a major issue to overcome. Best to step forward immediately as it is always better to voluntarily disclose adverse information rather then wait to be confronted with it.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m definitely going to disclose it at the beginning of the in-person interview. Frankly, I doubt I’d be confronted with it since the incident likely wouldn’t be uncovered during the investigation - again, it was one isolated incident and a very very small amount. Nevertheless, I understand my responsibility to disclose it.

Is there any way that I can notify investigators about my mistake prior to the interview? The interview hasn’t been scheduled yet. I didn’t see any instructions on the copy of the e-QIP form that I retained.

Again, the omission sincerely was inadvertent. I think it was largely attributable to a combination of completing both forms quickly and two days apart.

Once your investigation is underway you will have to wait for the interview to disclose additional information. The problem lies in the fact that the OF-306 was used during the pre-screening suitability process for the job offer.It will be a hurdle to overcome I am sure.

Concur with Marko. “Lack of Candor” is broad and takes down many an elephant. I have seen a similar situation where a person completely forgot 10 days of misuse of another’s anxiety medication. They were scared to death. But made sure to bring it up to the Polygrapher and discuss in great and painful detail (anxiety meds during a divorce 3 years earlier with little chance of repeating; person got doctors prescription after getting over ego and pride). In this case the clearance was granted. Depending on your age…you may get a pass of a once of use. My current client will not grant with less than 12 months abstinence.

Personal opinion: I expect the abstinence period to drop to 6 months as more states approve. 25 approved for medicinal use and 4 allow recreational. It is quite the problem for those cleared in those states. Federal law is what must be followed.