Resubmitted FS-86 with updated drug use

Came here to ask the question of how bad does it look if I update my FA-86 with the fact that I had used CBD products before I initially submitted my FS-86.

I found out that my first submission was not sent out on the government side (over 8 months ago), and I have the chance to update that information now before I submit. I was unaware that CBD was not federally legal at the time that I had submitted my form and would like to be open about my previous use on the form.

Because this information is now 8 months removed from when I first submitted, will that be put into consideration?
Would this be a reason for a rejection of my clearance?

If the first form was never sent out then I think you get a do-over. The rules on any kind of cannabis use are changing all the time it seems, and in my squirrely opinion this should not be a rejection for a denial.