SAP revoked advice 2yrs later

About two years ago, I was in a SECRET/SAP program. I had held it for about two years and my SAP program office did a horrible job of training (none but slide deck w/bullet points). My wife was laid off during the pandemic and we took a financial hit. I got a favorable adjudication by DoD CAF after I fixed the issues. But my program office ejected me for Failure to Report, at the same time putting a No Contract Order. Fortunately I still have my collateral clearance. I’ve talked to AFOSI program security, they did not seem to have issues after I fixed the problem. I even talked to the AAA and he said to just re-apply. However, when I find groups I want to go to; my local SAP program office scares them all away. Is there anything I can go, AFOSI said I had a right to know. Workloads all seem to be headed more and more into the SAP/SCI world and not close enough to retirement. Any advice???

EDIT: I’ve been married to my wife, who at the time of marriage was a foreign national, for 26 years. Reported relationship in 1996, marriage in 1998. Adopted an orphan in 2011, also reported it from day 1. At the time, I was only in a collateral project. The adoption, each time I had to go overseas for court dates; all reported and the IPO Supervisor always wanted to see new pictures on my return. My local SAP program office claims I was involved in a second adoption in 2021/2022; NOPE too expensive!!! I’ve reported all trips outside of US, all of my foreign national contacts (~18 total). I think they have MANY mistakes in their investigation, but I have no way of knowing. Went to the AF IG, investigation white washed and I still have no idea what the full RFC states.

Have you hired an attorney yet? If you feel they’re getting incorrect details about you and it’s negatively affecting your ability to get/hold a job, you really should lawyer up.

I’ve not hired an attorney. I kind of felt I was a way small fish to take on the Federal Gov’t. I don’t even know what kind of lawyer would take this on. I’ve googled and it seems there are some national ones but they seem to be more for loss of clearance, my collateral is fine but lost SAP. Any suggestions on type would be good, I assume Family Law isn’t it.

It’s not taking on anyone. The government has established protocols you can follow to deal with these situations. A clearance attorney would know what steps you need to, take if any, and/or who to refer this to, if any.

At the very least, a consultation would give you a chance to ask what your rights are and what your chances are to fix the situation. A consultation would probably run you about $300. A worthy investment, if you ask me. Best of luck.


UPDATE: I met with my Group level commander/director (he is civilian so director) who is the AAA for the program I was in. Finally after two years of not getting the written or ANY information from the investigation; they gave it to me yesterday. I found two DoDMs (5205.07, Vol 2; Special Access Program (SAP) Security Manual) and (5105.21 Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Administrative Security Manual, Vol. 3) to kind of force the issue. I never had a SCI endorsement but I used it as it is a LOT CLEARER than that SAP one. I have talked to a clearance lawyer’s office and set up an appointment but holding as they want $500! Anyway the AAA was kind of in shock, asking me more than once had I ever seen the document the head of security produced. I hadn’t and so I think that is going to be a conversation between them later. That is why I filed an IG complaint they buried.

In their findings, they had two findings and one is completely wrong. The GSSO that had done the investigation never took notes and so no wonder he got it all completely wrong. But it simply is wrong. The AAA and I asked if this can be fixed (appealed) or do I have to file an Office of Special Counsel complaint or go back to the SAP IG. I’m hoping that if I can prove (and I can) what the GSSO got wrong fixed without a lot of money. Anyway the head of Security and my AAA told me that my file is not locked in JADE, and they don’t see any issues with a sponsor putting in PARS should I need it for a workload. So it seems resolved.

So my question is, if there is degrotitory information that is totally wrong in the investigation. The AAA and even the head of security seems like they are willing to work with me. Is there a way to fix what the GSSO got totally wrong.

What is an AAA? Is that a SAP thing? Fortunately I don’t know much about that world :slight_smile: I was cleared for a SAP more years ago than I’d care to admit but it seems to have become much more complicated and convoluted since then.

Hopefully you can fix this locally but if you should try to switch jobs this whole thing may show up as an “incident” which may take a lot of time to clear up.