Please help me to answer this question,
I have secret clearance in Jan 2020, but still waiting for SAP access about 8 months now,
I am in last step to get into SAP program, but if I got laid off, what will my clearance status? Active? current? Since I didn’t work with any clear work.
Thank you!

My understanding is that if you get laid off, your clearance wouldn’t be active since you wouldn’t technically have the need for the clearance. However, it would still remain current for 2 years or until it goes out of scope (whichever occurs first).

I myself have not dealt with SAP programs for many years but it seems like they have gotten more elaborate. Back in the day (and we won’t say exactly when that day was), getting briefed on a SAP was not a big deal, you just had to get the approval of the customer and this could be done by phone. Now it seems that SAP has evolved into its own control system and sometimes people with current/active SCI access have to go through additional steps to be granted access.

Of course this does not answer the question but I felt like ranting a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

SAP approval could take up to 2 years, depending on your background. I think it’s better to prepare for commercial job somewhere.