Got cleared but still waiting into program

Hi all,
This is my timeline - foreign born, married non-us citizen, no drug, clean background.
(total time waiting: 5 months)
August,2019 submitted SF 86
2 weeks later, interim granted
sept 2019, person interview
01/03 closed investigation
end of Jan,2020 final secret granted
But I am still waiting into program, so each company will have different program?
Do you know how long it take to get into program?

It really depends on the company and the program.

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Usually contractors can’t wait to get cleared people on board because that means you can start charging your time to the contract and they can start billing the customer.

End of Jan was only a couple weeks ago. Give it a little more time. Hopefully it is just a case of finalizing the onboarding process and not that the contract was cancelled or something like that.

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I’m assuming you are talking about SAP access. As Ed said, it depends on the company and the program.

I can’t speak to how it works for contractors as I am a government employee, but I have gone through this process many times for various government owned programs that require contractor support.

Each time for me, the wait has been around 4 months. The local PSO requires an SF-86C (even if nothing has changed), a very short questionnaire, and additional forms that only need to be filled out if you indicated any changes on the SF-86C. Every time I’ve gone through this process, there were no changes or 1 small change, and I have a very clean background. For someone with more red flags or discrepancies in their background, it could take longer.

Also, I know that the process is trickier for the contractors that we work with because they have to go through their security process and then forward all of this to our government program office so there are more hurdles they have to clear. It’s even worse for the sub-contractor as they have to route it to the prime contractor and then they route it to the government program office for approval. For some of the people I work with on the contractor side, it can take over a year.