Secret Clearance process

I just accepted a job with the Dept of the AF, and my particular job requires a secret clearance. I was just notified that I received a Favorable Adjudication back in 2016 when I accepted another job but ended up not taking it in the end. My questions are:

  1. Is that still valid since it was done in 2016?
  2. Do I have a secret clearance now?
  3. What’s next in this process?

Thank you for all your feedback!

As I see it:

  1. Maybe . . . It is supposed to last only two years when you do not hold a cleared position but some here have said that they have gotten them reinstated much later.
  2. Technically, no. See above.
  3. That depends on how #1 and 2 go. You may be pretty close to “ready to go” or you could be starting the process over from scratch. You are likely to need to fill out an SF86 again in either case. They are going to look for things that might have happened since your last form.