Section 25 Investigations/Clearance Record Question

Hi there,
Question 25.1 asks if the USG has ever investigated your background or clearance and/or granted clearance/access.
DoS began an investigation for me in 2012 for a fellowship, but along the way, the DoS review panel (not investigators) concluded that I did not pass suitability. They subsequently ended the investigation without denying or approving the security clearance (and the program assured me that I was not denied a clearance for future employment considerations). Would I complete the entry below that yes, DoS investigated me, answer N/A for agency that issued the clearance (because none was issued), answer I don’t know for the date the investigation was completed, answer NA for date the clearance was granted (because it wasn’t), and then None or Other for level of clearance eligibility? Again, to reiterate, I was not denied a security clearance, so I can confidently answer 25.2 with a no, but this one is stumping me a little. Of course, putting down that none was granted (or other, with explanation) even though I was investigated will raise questions and bring up issues that are more than seven years in the past. I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly (not answering the question unless I need to) and be mentally prepared to answer some uncomfortable questions if it does raise issues. Other than that, I have no other issues on my form (other than some travel and foreign contacts). These forms are easy to overthink. Thanks.

I would speak to State doing just that. If you know the suitability reason, make clear you applied, were not denied, but did not pass go, did not collect $200…Suitability denials are way better than a denial. Very subjective, could be as minor as smoking MJ as a college student, or a juvenile event that at the time wasn’t that long ago.

Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, I should answer that question and put down that State did investigate and put down that the investigation was canceled in the note or explanation? The position I’m looking to apply for is DoD. I know I’ll be interviewed and be asked about it and I’m not looking forward to that conversation (personal conduct, but it was ten years ago when I was 21 so I’m hoping passage of time is on my side). I just want to make sure I’m not omitting anything on this form.

Some will literally look at the date of event and if it is one minute past midnight at the ten year mark say do not speak to it. They are technically correct. Of course “have you ever” questions remain just that. In those cases I bring up that it was out of scope and here is the situation. 10 years mitigates most stuff. Who you were, is likely not who you are now. But to be clear, if you had a suitability denial, you did not get a clearance denial. If you have that letter, write “See attached” and include that.