Section 27 of SF-86

Hi everyone,

I recently submitted my sf86 but still had concerns about section 27 for one question:

The question reads: In the last 7 years have you introduced, removed, or used hardware, software, or media in connection with any information technology system without authorization, when specifically prohibited by rules, procedures, guidelines, or regulations or attempted any of the above?

This question is so broad and Im confused. Is the library considered a place where you could have unauthorized use of their computers? When I was around 14-15 I watched anime (for those who don’t know what this is, it like Japanese art depicted in a cartoon) that was mature on the computers. It wasn’t often, but it wasn’t nudity or borderline pornography. The references and the actions of the characters were suggestive and sexualized but the websites were not blocked. The shows I watched had a legitimate story line but it wasn’t for all audiences.

My questions is is this what this section is referring to? I haven’t introduced or manipulated ANY systems or hacked. And there was no incident to report because I was never informed by the library officials, I don’t know what to think for this. I honestly can’t remember everything, I just stopped after a while.

As long as you didn’t do something unusual (ie hacking) to make it so the library computer could access the site, I don’t see a problem. If you were watching this sort of thing from your work computer it could get into issues of misuse of company IT resources (or even mischarging) but if it was at the library and you didn’t sign anything that said you agreed not to go to anime sites, there’s no problem.

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Correct me if I’m incorrect, but what you did prior to your 18th birthday is generally out of scope, “except to provide 2 years” of employment history/places you’ve lived, etc. Check your form, each section has rules for how to answer each question.

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You are wrong. Only residence, education, and employment are capped at 18 years of age or 2 years. This is a common misconception that whatever happened before your 18th birthday doesn’t count.


Your situation is not normally reportable. Squirrel is correct.

Had you used the library computer to hack into your school system for any kind of mischief, then you would have to report that behavior.

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Thank you for explaining!

What is this question actually asking? I want to be prepared for the Poly and I don’t want to misinterpret the question

It’s a Yes/No question. If no, you move on to the next question. If yes, you explain as the instructions read.

“In the last seven (7) years have you illegally or without proper authorization accessed or attempted to access any information technology system?”

The key word is “proper authorization”.

Don’t read too much into yes/no questions. Simply answer truthfully. This is yet another cut and dry question.

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