Help with SF86 Education Portion

So at 19 years old and burnt out with school I did some questionable things in college. I drank underaged at parties and slept around. I got caught by campus security engaging in sexual acts I’m not proud of. I’m super embarrassed now that I’m older and a completely different person. What exactly do they look for when investigating the educational part of SF86? Do they just pull transcripts? Will they see my infraction regarding my run in with campus security? Will they interview my college coach and dean who was notified of my infraction? How do I disclose this info on my form? I’m not at all attempting to hide it but it’s also not being asked. Also how do you disclose underaged drinking? Would that be considered illegal drug use since I was a minor at the time? Any info is greatly appreciated.

Awesome! Thanks for the advice.

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Hi ,

I have good experience in PeopleSoft applications and specially in global payroll area. I am seeing lot of PeopleSoft jobs available which require Security clearance. I am not sure how I can apply for security clearance or approach an employer who can sponsor for security clearance.

I will really appreciate any guidance in this area.