Selective service

If you don’t have selective service can you get a public trust clearance

No, unless you have a good reason for not registering around your 18th birthday, or are not a male, you arent qualified for government employment without selective service.

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Good reason meaning you were not a US citizen during the years you were required to register or you are female (the female selective service registration exclusion is being reviewed by a Commission)

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I was not a citizen before the age of 26. Now, I am 43, and I need an exemption letter from the select service.

What do I do? Where do I get this letter?
I have three days to reply, and I can’t find anything online.

You need to start with the Selective Service website… I have never had to apply for the exemption letter.

Just go to the post office or register on line. You get the registration number on the post office form. You are no longer subject to the draft under current rules but you would now be compliant with the law in that you registered for the draft.

If you are older than 26, you are too old to get a Selective Service Registration. At this point you must get a Status Information Letter. All of this information is available for free (you have to read it) on the SSS website:

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I recently looked this up for another post . . . As noted above, you can’t register after your 26th birthday and you are not eligible for federal employment or clearance (I assume this includes public trust) without registration unless you can prove that you reasonably were not able or did not know that you were supposed to register. The burden on the applicant to prove, by preponderance of evidence, their case and the agency involved is the judge of the facts.

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