Self Reported Foreign Contact -- Will this cause issues?

I self reported a foreign friend of mine. Everyone (expect my one friend who works for the FBI) told me not to report it but I wanted to be completely honest. My foreign friend is an Afghan citizen. When I self reported it I provided their passport number, phone number, and date of birth in case they need to run a check. The person has a clean background as well as their family. We travel on vacation together and I consider them a close friend. Is this going to cause an issue? Also, I am going through a reinvestigation. I don’t see an issue with this but everyone around me is making it sound like we cannot have any friends outside of the USA.

Mostly they are concerned about family ties outside the US, but I have heard of at least one case where a person even had to report contact with foreign-born US citizens! But in the vast majority of situations I dont think this is a major concern.

I had to report foreign born dual/US citizens. I first reported everyone, foreign born dual citizens. Then when it was time for my interview with the investigator, she had all of the foreign national paperwork except the ones that were dual US citizens. Apparently my agency omitted the paperwork of those individuals since they were US citizens as well. The investigator told me that they could not do this and made me resubmit it back to the agency. Luckily I had copies of all the paperwork with me, so I just handed her what was missing from my file.