Over-reporting VS Under-reporting

OK. I have been reading through all posts about reporting foreign contacts and I am really really confused. Do I need to report people with dual citizenship? With some of the people I know, my relationship is really shallow I don’t know their addresses or occupation or even their last names.
My husband works in a high tech company where his colleagues are from all over the world. If I need to report all people that we know somehow that will make a very very long list. So, is this over reporting or do I need to report anyway?

Yes, list dual citizens.

This was just addressed in a very recent thread. Please scroll down and all your questions should be answered.

On your husbands coworkers: Do either of you socialize with his foreign coworkers? If not, if they are only “coworkers”, you do not need to report. When I did my last SF86, I was working with hundreds of foreign nationals. I was told, by my investigator, that I did not need to report them because we only had contact at work. If there are some that you are closer to, you only need to report those.

And . . . Yes . . . This has been discussed over and over. You might get the best information by rereading those threads instead of relying on everyone to retype the same info.

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