SF-85P: a reformed compulsive gambler dilemma

Hello Marko!
I was recently offered a position by a company who contracts with the DoD. My employment is contingent upon favorable suitable PT. In 2011/2012, I applied for a security clearance and after 2 inquiry phone calls from the investigators I never heard back about the status of my application.
I am aware that I have to fully disclose all information for the past seven years. Here are my concerns:

  1. I had 2 criminal charges, one expunged and one closed. Both were PBJs.
  2. I had a history of gambling addiction.
  3. I was terminated from my last 2 jobs.
  4. I have mental health issues but am under a care of a psychiatrist.
    What are my chances, if any, getting a favorable PT? Is it worth a try?

You have several challenges to overcome and without knowing the details it would be impossible to advise on your chances. I suggest you read through the Adjudicative Desk Reference and look closely at the sections that apply to your issues and make an honest assessment of yourself.

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Thank you Marko for your response.
I, in fact read the adjudicative desk reference after the fact. After an honest assessment and careful review of the conditions that could mitigate security concerns I am unsure how an adjudicator would go.
I guess this very dark chapter of my life will haunt me forever. From your experience, will I be suitable for a PT?

The whole person concept is what they use. If your mental health practitioner provided a statement showing you were clearly under duress and suffering from a condition now treated for…and the negative performance was due to the situation…you do have a chance. If it was of a specific time period and the situation is now controlled, unlikely to repeat itself, you certainly can over come this. The further in the rear view mirror it is the better. Can you recognize the signs of it recurring to increase therapy or meds to make a course correction? You will need make the argument and speak directly to the accepted mitigation only. Too often I see appeals based on flim flammery, chest puffing, denial, or refusal to accept responsibility. They fail. If you can show all other areas of your life have since recovered: finances, no traffic infractions (if possible), no non legal drug use, maintaining steady employment, etc you can build a case to show you overcame. If they reject this and provide a specific item they felt left unmitigated…you can continue to address that area as well. As my polygrapher told me once “3 years is old, 5 years is history, 7 years is ancient history and 10…it falls off the map.”

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Thank you amberbunny for this insightful information. This is very encouraging. I do have everything under control. I just completed some documents pertaining to a background investigation and still awaiting directives to initiate the SF 85P. I will keep you all updated with the outcome.

Please do. If nothing else there is the chance of the ADA lending support to speak to mitigated mental health concerns. I know the Air Force tried removing the “taint” of properly treated mental health issues. But it never came to pass. I would like to see society as a whole be more open to understanding our minds can be injured…and healed. I will personally testify to the duress a divorce puts one through, and bad decisions I made. Ones appearing logical. At least to me. They weren’t. I wasn’t. In retrospect I often question myself “What in the world was I thinking?” I have a newfound appreciation for what depression really does to people. And I am living proof one can overcome and excel.

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