Sf 86 drug use questions

Going for a TS with lifestyle poly.

I used SARMs once in college. It is not a controlled substance but a research chemical. It’s possession is not illegal. Should that be reported?

Additionally, I took a prohormone once in college. I bought it from a brick and mortar store and I’m seeing online that some prohormones are illegal. I would not intentionally take a prohormone that was illegal. I looked up the DEAs controlled substance list and the ingredient was not listed but there’s always the catch all that it’s not inclusive. So I’m not sure what to do.


Doesn’t sound like they need to be reported… BUT…

When you go for the poly there is a possibility that it may happen that the interviewer thinks you are “responding” to the drugs question… if that happens, and you then ‘disclose’ this info, it could lead to trouble… so… maybe worth putting down on the forms just to disclose it well prior.

There are some investigators who participate here, maybe they will offer a comment. Personally I never heard of either of these substances :slight_smile:

When unsure, follow the letter of the questionnaire. If you did your due diligence and to the best of your knowledge, it is not illegal, then answer no