SF86 - Question


I am doing my SF86 for a govt. agency that requires a FS Poly (oh no). Naturally, I am a very flawed person but want to be as honest as possible (obviously) - perhaps I am going overboard (again FS Poly - nervous)

The question on the SF86 I am confused about:

Have you EVER illegally used or otherwise been illegally involved with a drug or controlled substance while possessing a security clearance other than previously listed?

I joined the Army Reserve in 2008 as MI, had a TS/SCI.
2009 or early 2010 - I go to college, at some ROTC party, I was handed marijuana, I held it, was in possession of it, walked off and then tossed it out, and left the party. (I did not ingest, inhale, or use it, believe it or not insert choir music)

Soooo, should I put yes for that part of the SF86? Because in my last BI in approx: 2014, I am almost certain I answered the same question as “no” - so now I am worried I may come off as lying on my previous SF 86.

I ETS’d in 2017 - TS/SCI inactive.

I may be overthinking this, since I have been working in law enforcement i am looking at it as “well technically I was in possession of it”. I don’t want to hit negatively on the poly because I know this will be a major focus of worry.

Any insight would be appreciated. Sorry if this comes off as petty.

“possession” on the form refers to the security clearance, not the drug. You did not use, and I wouldn’t interpret this as being “involved”. Others will chime in, I’m sure, but I would respond “no” and then talk about it with the investigator.


Understood, I mean I just wanted to be as transparent as possible. I was going to mention it either way.

My bigger concern was saying no in 2014 and not mentioning the incident at all. Call it ignorance or complacency.