Can the SF 86 be updated with the polygraph examiner?

When I did my SF 86 I denied by ignorance and (I was filling up the form with a hurry) using control substance in the (controlled substance for 7 years question). On the polygraph examination in the Pre interview section, the examinator discuss every question with me and I told him that I did use control substance without prescription. My preliminary result was positive before a leave the suite. Can this affect my background investigation in some way?

Can @marko.hakamaa answer this question??

A lack of candor on a clearance application absolutely can affect your ability to be granted a security clearance. You did not provide enough information for me to advise any further.

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@Marko I believe I did the same thing. I forgot to mention a time about 2 years ago where I sipped a soda that was spiked with marijuana but I told the examiner as soon as I got in the polygraph room that I didn’t do it with an intent to get high and it slipped my mind because I just was trying it to see if it tasted normal. Granted I knew what it was but I had a small sip. Anyway I told her she said she would mark it down and it would be fine. Will it be? I truly wasn’t trying to lie but it just happened that way. I also mentioned that I had been to a weed dispensary with friends month prior. I did not smoke or take part in anything was just stuck with friends that wanted to pick some up. They are close friends but I’m still associated with them and I fear that could be a problem. I’m in college trying to get an internship and other than these incidents I’m clean. Is that mishap on my forms gonna do me in?

It depends on several factors: type of position and agency, clearance level,and taking into consideration you are young (I assume) and in college environment. No one can say how it will be viewed except for the adjudicator for that agency.

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Regardless of whether you withdraw yourself from the position for which you completed the polygraph for, the information you disclosed is now out there and will be available for any future clearance applications/decisions. You should just see how it unfolds and deal with whatever decision is made at that time. Also, when it comes to federal jobs and internships you should never put all of your eggs in one basket, meaning you should not count on getting this one job and should be proactively searching for other opportunities as well.

@Marko I have applied to many internships and have got many of them. But because my scholarship requires them to be with the federal government they all require clearances and from my understanding if I get denied I would have to wait a year to get a clearance at any level right?

Also is there any chance I get cleared with the things I’ve told you, or is that just very wishful thinking

All of the issues you presented are mitigatable. However, factors such as the position, agency, level of clearance, etc… are considered by the adjudicator, so no one can tell you if you will be granted or denied eligibility.

Concur with Marko. Polygraph has a way of focusing our memory, remembering things we may have deliberately forgot. Moving forward, though difficult, if you wish to pursue cleared work, I recommend distancing yourself from all people or activities putting you in contact with recreational drugs. In College it is difficult. But you get a pretty big pass for stupid college things, youthful experimentation. But time is required, and it looks like you have it (12 months.). For future poly graphs try your best to not contradict what is on the SF86, and make sure you are accurate there. If you are clarifying the SF86…make it clear you are doing that, having since remembered more. Never guess with a number not agreeing on the SF86. That can hurt you. Be honest, but start moving towards following the laws if you intend to get cleared and work in that environment.

I have stayed away from people like that. It’s legal for recreation where I’m from so it’s hard to stay away completely but I do my best and like I said I haven’t done it in 2 years and stay away from it when possible. I’m just scared that not bringing up this infomation(the sip of the drink, the small illegal downloading, and slightly changing the amount of shots I had at a party) is going to do me in. I did say it when I had the chance she gave me a chance to update it and I did it before they presented me with any facts which I know is good but I just hope they don’t deny me for “lack of candor”. I was trying to be honest but it’s a pretty stressful process and it was my first time tackling it and made some dumb mistakes. I’m also well aware of how it could look to an adjudicator. It’s my dream internship which hopefully turns into my dream job. But it does require a TS/SCI so I hope I clear this time around so I don’t have to wait a while after graduating to reapply .

By bringing it up you likely do not have a candor issue. The small sip and the non legal download will be looked at hard. Chelsea Manning and Snowden are two big reasons why that is an issue. I would make absolutely certain to not participate in that behavior moving forward and make clear to polygraph it is behind you. Be firm on how much you did this and how many times. Do not estimate up or allow them to estimate for you. If it was 10, say 10, stick to ten. Don’t allow them to walk away with an open ended question such as “never downloaded during the workweek, just weekends in all?” That quickly becomes 52 times or 104 if they count two days for each weekend. Keep in mind, legal in the state does not equal legal for federal rules. Much like CBD oil, the state may be overwhelmed with bigger fish but it remains prohibited for your use with a clearance.

@amberbunny Well luckily during the polygraph I did just that. I told them the exact amount of songs I thought it was which was 23 songs when I was a junior in high school which is about 5 years ago and I was only 15. I also made it clear my marijuana use was over and that it was strictly experimental and that I haven’t been tempted the last 2 years. I was hoping me being in college would help mitigate this. And all illegal downloading happened before I was 18. Actually it was all before I was even 16 so I’m not sure how that’s viewed or how much it helps. Both my parents also hold high level clearances so I’m not sure if that’s factored in. And will they be more laxed in the decision because it’s just an internship?

They will use the same standard for the clearance but take into consideration your age. Youthful indiscretion covers a lot of stupid things we do. You may need sign a conduct letter stating you will never do it again and are aware it does not meet their standards. Recreational use is normally mitigated for young folks in college by a minimum of 12 months if it was experimental. That is almost expected of you. Obviously with Snowden and Manning, non legal downloads are a concern…