Sf-86 & Fake ID

I’ve seen similar threads from a few years back, but wanted to add more pertinent details/clarify some points.

When I was 20 (winter 2016), I purchased a fake ID to use for entering bars. I used it twice, once successfully, approx. Feb 2017, and then never used it again as I regretted the decision and lost interest. Unfortunately, I was an idiot who used their picture and real name on the ID, which was scannable.

I’m a bit concerned the address listed on the ID will come up during the background investigation since it was scannable. As such, I figured it may be better to list the choice on my SF-86 so that it doesn’t look like I’m trying to hide it. However, because I wasn’t charged with any citations (a misdemeanor in the state I was living in at the time), I’m not sure where I should list it on e-QIP. I’m considering including it in the extra comments section, but am unsure. My biggest concern is that not disclosing the purchase will be considered intentional concealing, but I’m also not sure if I’m just overthinking things. Thoughts?

Don’t really understand the question . . . Where you caught using the id or did you just stop using it? Where did it come from? How would it show up anywhere just because it was scannable? Do you think that they are going to hit all of the clubs that might scan ids and go through their records or was it actually scanned by law enforcement somewhere?

You need to be a little more clear.

I would think that is simple shenanigans of a 20 year old. If asked directly about fake ID’s, I’m assuming you aged to 21 so you could buy drinks, I would speak to it. If you used a fake name, it could be listed under “other names.” But you used your name.

Just stopped using it. I wasn’t the one who purchased the ID, so I’m not entirely sure other than it was bought over the internet. I got lumped into a group order at the time.

No I don’t think OPM will do that, of course. I’ll be completely honest with you, and say I assumed that there could be record of that fake address connected to my name somewhere on the internet. But no, it was never scanned by an officer. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m not a candidate for a technical position.

My question is more where I should include the purchase/use on the form, not whether or not it’ll be a “problem” in the investigation.

I’m not sure that you need to report it at all . . . If your name is in some data base somewhere, they will not be searching it.

It just doesn’t work that way.

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Thank you for your clarification and help.

Afiak there is not a section on the form for “all crimes you committed but we’re not caught” for you to disclose. It’d be miles long for everyone.

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There really is no section asking you to speak to or incriminate yourself for past crimes gone unreported or detected. If you ever went for a poly and you felt “guilt” for this simply explain the situation. It is by no means a showstopper, almost expected of college age kids. Trust me when I say they are good at getting inside your head and you search for what might cause a telemetry issue…but it is of no consequence.

If the SF86 specially say " Have you ever used a fake ID to enter a bar?" or “Have you ever impersonate another person’s identity?” then you should list. If it didn’t ask, then don’t list it. Don’t even mention it during your interview with the investigator, because they wouldn’t asked it. You will only create unnecessary attention.

So not reporting would not be considered as ‘withholding information?’

There was no reporting prior to you submitting, admittedly it was not legal but folks don’t generally report the non legal things they do. There is no part on the form asking if you ever committed a crime such as this…but it splits the hair once caught, charged, detained, convicted, etc. Now, if the BI person asked if you ever did anything not legal…I would chuckle and talk about it. I used to buy non legal firecrackers as a kid and blow them up. It wasn’t legal…sometimes I burned my fingers or went deaf for a piece, but in all my years I have never been asked if I committed this type of violation. Even the alcohol questions center on legal contact or medical intervention, or seeking counseling for this issue. It doesn’t’ ask about underage drinking.

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You need to read and respond to the SF86 questions. If it applies to you, list it. If it doesn’t, answer no. Period


Goes without saying…but…don’t use the fake ID with the BI person…


your remark cracked me up, LOL LOL LOL:laughing::rofl::sweat_smile::laughing:

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I agree that you don’t need to report. They will not be searched if your mane is in the database.