SF 86 Foreign Contacts

I am naturalized citizen and working for Federal government. I have Public Trust High Sensitive clearance. I have to submit SF 86 for Top Secret/SCI with another agency. My questions:
1.My siblings are living abroad- Non citizen but I applied for their immigration. I talk to my youngest sister every 2/3 days asking my mother’s/brother/sister health issue
2. My mother permanent resident of USA and she lives with me while she travels USA. 68 years old.
Sometimes I help her financially.
3. Contacts with my cousins - Very rare I would say once a year they are in my face book. Last year I visited home and I was invited by them after 20 years.
4. Studied in Russia- Russian classmates are in my face book. Very rare contact. Talked with couple of classmates long back.
5. I have relative i.e. brother in law working for Board of investment and and cousin working Income Tax department, One high school friend in government, one high school friend Medical college assistant professor. Very rare contact. Talked to Medical professor 6 months back once.
6. I have assets in abroad( home country).
7. Have friend in Canada and contact ed 2/3 times
Can somebody please suggest me whether I should apply for Top Secret/SCI? What is the chance of denial Top Secret? No criminal history in USA. If Top Secret denied will there be any impact on my current Public Trust High Sensitive clearance.
Please suggest.

I dont know if anyone can say if you will get approved or denied but it will surely take a long time since they will want to look into all the foreign contacts, relatives abroad, itp itd

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@sbusquirrel:If TS denied any impact on current Public Trust ? Any idea?

I cannot say for sure… there are different adjudicative criteria. So if you were to get denied for something that would disqualify you for TS but is not a problem for Public Trust, then there should be no problem. But if it is a question of them finding something during the more thorough investigation for TS that was overlooked during the first investigaion, then there may be a problem.

Does that make sense? I am reading it and I am not sure it is clear…

I am not that familiar with public trust and there are even different levels of public trust… hopefully someone else with more knowledge will weigh in here.

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Foreign contacts in general will not be a problem…certain countries…raise eyebrows. I have foreign connections, not a problem. But as Squirrel says above they will each be reviewed and slow you down.