SF86 Drug Conviction

What are my chances of receiving a secret security clearance?

3 felony charges with different degrees, all dropped for a lesser conviction of misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, no jail time, 4 months of probation, happen 25 years ago, no other offenses.

Time elapsed, your age then, rehabilitation, and no similar incidents since then mitigate the issues if all is as you say. It will of course be scrutinized, but should not prevent you from being eligible for a Secret clearance.


How do you go from 10 felony charges to 1 misdemeanor? Sounds lucky man! But since it was 15 years ago and it’s the only offense, you should be fine. Just be honest about everything

96% of federal charges result in a plea deal. This isn’t nearly as unusual as you might think. He was likely charge with intent to distribute and related charges but the prosecutor realized that he was not a distributor despite the quantities he was holding OR that there was some question about ownership or the search.

Just guesses . . .

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Can you give us lotto numbers to play,lol? It isn’t unusual to have stacked charges at the outset of an arrest or investigation. You hear it in the news “Person X is facing 242 years in prison.” Based on max punishment for all charges. As Ed described much of the charges are unwarranted, the conduct is covered sufficiently under other charges, or the behavior does not rise to the level of charge, or the elements of the offense simply cannot be made on each charge (28 years, law enforcement). What is left over, easily or reasonably proved, or easy enough to convince a judge or jury (sadly), remains. Time is a huge mitigation. Conduct since offense is another huge mitigation. I read plenty appeals granted favorably overturning denials similar in nature. Your eligibility remains. Slightly different than saying you will be approved. In other words you are not permanently disqualified.