Should I be worried?

I had an interview with a government contractor job as a security monitor in October 2017. At the end of the interview I talked to the security person and I had to fill out the pre qualification sheet that checks to see of this process was even worth the time and money spent. So on the have I ever used illegal drugs before question I answered yes and said it was marijuana 3 months ago, but the guy didn’t say anything and was just like ok and shook my hand and said good luck. He said if there were any issues with anything I answered they would let me know then and there. Also the paper read to be honest or if they find out anything other wise I would get in trouble. Its been almost 5 months and I haven’t heard anything from them. Should I be worried?

Worried? About what? You’re not going to get the job . . .

While you don’t say anything about how old your are or the circumstances around you use three months prior, you simply need realize that this is exactly the type of thing that people are refused clearance for.


I agree with Ed. 5 months of not hearing anything is your answer…

What level of clearance is it?

I don’t think the guy ever filled out a SF86/85. He said he filled out a “pre-qualification” sheet. So if they never responded I would assume they don’t even want to put in the paperwork for a clearance.

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hm even though I was going to get a lie detector test? I feel as though if I answered wrong on a lie detector test thats a fail as well. The contractor that interviewed me said to be honest.

I’m not quite sure. I know I had to take a lie detector test and drug test, finger print, and they were going to ask some people close to me about me.

I wonder if you are still at the background check stage because technically some jobs does require polygraph test as a part of background check especially for security guard / security monitor agent. If you haven’t filled out SF85/86, I don’t think you are in the system yet.

I had to filled out Pre-Qualification Sheet couple times before for officer position through armed forced recruiters, and they carried out the initial screening interviews. Even though I didn’t have to go through lie detector test, but the recruiters will make the decision whether to refer you to the hiring unit management before any additional interview. Some recruiter is nice enough to tell you that you was not referred, but some just use silence treatment for a no.

The form you will probably fill out through EQUIP is called your SF85 or your SF86. Let us know if you fill out any other forms.

Well I know I had talked to two people. One was the actual guy who did the hiring and I know offered me the job. The other person was security personnel and he asked me questions about the sheet I filled out. Also, they said the process could take 10 months to a year. I just heard different.

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I would ask them is this for a secret clearance?

Ok I will make sure it is a top secret security clearance. Also what is an EQUIP?

Its your portal to start your SF86 or SF85. Once you fill out this beast out you submit for your clearance. Remember on your form if you ever been charged with a crime put it down regardless if you were not convicted. Being charged and being convicted are two different things.

Ok thank you. I will do