Should I disclose if no one knows?

I’m wondering if I should disclose all past criminal conduct during my security interview. It is all at least 7 years old, but there was quite a bit of stuff that I was never charged or even suspected of doing and there certainly isn’t any evidence. My only concern is whether a polygraph could be used to determine if I withheld any information.

Could a polygraph be used at any point to determine if I withheld any information about past criminal activity that I was never charged with?

The criminal activity occurred during a period in my life (early 20s) when I was doing drugs. I went to treatment (voluntarily) and haven’t used drugs or alcohol in 7.5 years. I obviously will disclose all that and be 100% honest about it, but I’m afraid that if I admit to something like insurance fraud or evading arrest (running from the police on my motorcycle) then I won’t have a chance.

Do not disclose, fool.

You are only required to disclose information specifically asked for on the SF-86. Only if there is information that makes you a target for blackmail then it should be disclosed. If you take a polygraph in the future and answer truthfully then there is no issue since you were not required to disclose the information on the SF-86 previously.

When in doubt, get your answers at an anonymous blog, like this one.