Social Media/Politics

I’ve been a pretty politically-minded person in the past, and I’ve used social media to engage in political conversations and to share news and current events. I’m working on limiting my political discourse, especially online, since I’m applying for some IC internships and I believe in the importance of being apolitical in those roles.

Should I go through and scrub my social medias of all that? Or is making my profiles private from public view enough? Not sure how much of that goes into account for obtaining clearances.

They will look at social media. That is slowly rolling out. Politics is fair game. Losing your cool and berating those different from you? Not so much. Youthful passion and indiscretion? Maybe. Ask yourself if the person reviewing your posts was of the opposite flavor…would they form negative opinions of your stability? This applies to both left and right. No judgment here. I think cleaning it up for maturities sake is a good course of action.