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I just thought of something. After submitting SF86 for TS and talking during an interview they asked me to list all social media accounts. Do you think you can be denied clearance if some of your posts on FB for example are not too popular these days. Like if you are supporting a certain person in the government and have a few posts about it. I wonder if I should just close all my media accounts.

Closing them wont help. If you put it on the internet, its there forever.

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What did they ask for specifically? Username? PW? That is too bad that they asked for it. I would have been tempted to tell them it’s none of their damn business. If we’re going to this extreme then I want every social media account of every member of Congress and the Senate.

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Do you mean “unpopular” as in you support the “green new deal”? Or “unpopular” as in you support ISIS?


)))). No, by unpopular I mean I support our current President - that seems like an outlier today. There is nothing extreme in my posts, but I may “like” certain posts about him, that’s all.


I don’t think it’s “there forever” if you close your account. It’s only there forever if someone does a screen grab - I’m not that important.

I guess you dont know about the wayback machine.


Anything on the internet is there FOREVER. It can be found.


Your concerns are valid the Swamp in D.C. overwhelmingly voted for Hilary and every left-wing nut job out there and they will continue to do so. I got rid of my social media accounts a long time ago because no matter what you say you have the potential to upset someone. My last employer mentioned in one of their training slide shows that they are watching for associations (not just known terrorists) but movie preferences.

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Freedom of speech is one thing. Supporting a policy is one thing.

Bashing people online and attacking the government is another.

I can’t wait for the security process to fully review social media. It will be interesting.

Who asked for the social media accounts? Your employer? Security Office?

I was asked during a security interview by my agency’s security officer.

Interesting. I hope this becomes the norm.

If social media is part of the investigation process, they only can review what is made publicly available. They cannot see anything you set as “private” in the privacy settings of your account. This is what I believe the policy at this time.

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Actually if you close your social media and after you are asked if you have any social media, you can truthfully answer “no” and that will be the end of it. So yes, closing social media now before starting a security clearance investigation can help if social media is something you’re worried about.

Unless you posted on someone else’s account and that is public.

I’m not a social media expert but I think if you close an account all comments are removed?

But again if you tell them you have no social media they won’t dig that deep into other than maybe trying to find you by name or email.

I don’t think it works that way. If you post it, stays. It might be grayed out, but it will still be there. And they don’t have to dig. They have computers that do that.

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I don’t think that’s true. I deleted my social media account awhile ago and all my posts on my sig other and friends are gone.

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But I “deleted”, not “deactivated”, so maybe if you deactivate it will stay.