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I am new to this industry, so I haven’t met many people in the field at all, and want to check before I do something I shouldn’t. Is this the type of job I shouldn’t advertise that I do on social media. I’m not referring to posting about the job, I know not to do that. For example, I know some police feel they shouldn’t specifically say their job in the work section of Facebook. I know that the safest route is to not put anything at all related to it, which is what I’ve done thus far, but I wanted to make sure.

Feel free to list on resume. And also feel free to answer the question that you have a clearance and it’s level. You can even list the polygraph date.

Don’t put on Facebook or LinkedIn. Social media is regularly used by foreign intelligence agencies to troll for people susceptible to blackmail or coercion.

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Oh, that’s a good point. Just one way to make sure your hands stay clean. I’m glad I asked beforehand. Thanks for the help!

Keep what’s important about your life off of social media…period

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