PR while working multiple full-time jobs

I work in info/cyber security during the day in the private sector (no government involvement). I’m also a military reservist and have had a TS/SCI for over 15 years.

Given my day job, I work from home and have done so for years. During COVID, a significant number of remote friendly opportunities opened up and I took on a contracting side job while also working my full time job. There is no conflict of interest.

I am up for my PR and am curious about the investigation while holding multiple.

My concern is that the investigator will go to one job and ask, “hey, did you know XXX is also working over at YYY?”

Am I overthinking this?

That’s no issue provided you list the IC job that you are doing on the side.

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Investigators ask for information they do not give information. They are not allowed to give your personal information out to anyone or discuss it with anyone other than you. They will ask other people about your employment to see what they know but will not tell them anything.

of course. I would always list out the jobs. So you’re saying there’s no chance that the investigator would do something silly like that (ie, bring up my multiple jobs) during the course of their investigation?

It would be a policy violation on their part

So the nature of your question is absurd. Is there “any” possibility? Yes, an investigator is a human being who can make a mistake or can choose to disregard policy. I am a full time investigator. This is what I do. I can tell you that giving out your private information is 100% against policy. Can I guarantee that your investigator is good at their job? No, I cannot. Can violating policy lead to unpleasant consequences, yes it can. I am not sure how else I can answer that question for you or be any more direct.

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Great thank you for the insight. Again, i’m not trying to hide anything and am just confirming someone is going to do something dumb :slight_smile:

Investigators do not divulge information to sources…we just ask questions. We also don’t care about any conflicts of interest lol. We’ll just ask how you were able to balance your time with multiple employers.

thanks for the response. easy day.