What's the job like during COVID

Hi all. I applied to an investigator position and got a callback. I have yet to have an interview.

Could anyone tell me how the job differs now that we are dealing with COVID? I thought I read someplace (perhaps here) that there are fewer face-to-face interviews and more phone-conducted interviews. Does this sound correct?

Is there more time working out of the home office than the car these days? Any other ways it has changed due to COVID? What about the 2-week training?

Any insight would be very grateful.


I dont know what its like for other companies, but for CACI, everything is mostly being done over the phone. COVID definitely has changed the way these investigations are being done. CACI is bringing back the in person training but I havent heard any developments about that. But yeah, expect to spend your entire day being on the phone talking to people going through the same questions over and over again. It is what it is. Best of luck!

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DCSA work is primarily all by phone currently. DHS moved to phone work however, if items cannot be completed by phone, in person attempts have to be made for most leads. Good luck!

There are some contracts still actively completing in person work and have never stopped doing so.

The job I applied for is with Peraton. Does anyone know if they are working virtually or still pounding the pavement?

I work for Peraton. For the DCSA contract its mostly done via the telephone, some records are done in person. Other contracts have in person work, depending on where you are working you can potentially do a lot of in person work.

Caveat emptor!

I once worked as an employee and independent contractor for one of the big contractors (not USIS).

I love working. Initially I loved the stress and challenge of making constant and short deadlines in the BI job. I had no kids at home, no family obligations, a spouse who’s gone most of the time, and a six-figure income backing me up.

While doing the BI job I worked ~10 hours/day, 6 to 7 days per week. I got calls on cases while on vacation to Hawaii, and in fact, I can’t recall ever not bringing my work laptop with me on vacation out of fear of not fixing constant re-opens and fixes on cases in time.

In my decades of employment I’ve never worked a more stressful job with such pitifully low pay and less positive feedback (I only got negative feedback).

A retired former S/A workaholic friend of mine, who also did the job after retirement, still jokes with me that he has PTSD from the BI job. This is years after quitting it!

If you are married or have kids or family obligations, be prepared to have to ignore them.

Sorry to bum you out. I just wanted to prepare you for the life you might experience in the BI job.

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For DCSA, the job has gotten boring. All phone, all at home, asking the same questions over and over. Yes, they are the same questions as before, but, it was a little different when you were in person. CACI is supposedly training new BIs right now - don’t know if they have a training dept. any more, but I would think that they will be rushing to get bodies on the phones and the quality of training will be even worse than before.


I had my son 10 months ago and I feel like I miss so much time in the evenings with him because of work. My desire to leave has definitely grown since I started my family.

Actually, since I understand everything is being done remotely, the BI job would be great for you since you get to spent a lot of time with your child. If only just being near your child.

When I did the job I’d sometimes have to meet Subjects are 5 AM or 7 PM. And after I got home each day I’d type reports up until midnight and then have to decompress for an hour or so.

Not having to drive around and rush to meet people but rather sitting in bed doing Subject and Source interviews and typing reports seems pretty sweet.

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I work in a large metro area, if that makes a diff.

If you are on the IC contracts then you probably will have a decent amount of in person work.

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You were working 20 hour days on some days?

No, normally I would work ~10 hours around my appointments/interviews. Some Saturdays I would put in 16 hours of typing. I never had a set schedule.

Some Subjects could only get together during early or late shifts. I did an ESI (PRSI) at 12 AM once. I’m guessing those days are long gone in the BI job.

As someone who has been in the industry a long time, I can say I love my job ( it seems like one of the few). It definitely isn’t easy/retirement job and takes years to get right (good quality and quantity). I’m currently making pretty good pay for being at home and getting to spend my down time doing what I need at home. Saying that, I feel like this job is what you make it. I have never worked 10+ hours a day and dont feel I need to. Some companies do push too much and expect ridiculous numbers. My advice is make sure you are with a company that values you and your assets.

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Hey pjr218. I haven’t been able to get ahold of the person from Peraton who called and left a voicemail. . I have left a few voice mails them, but still nothing. Any suggestions?

I’m glad I got out of the field when I did (2020). Doing phone interviews all day was pretty dreadful. I quite enjoyed driving around and visiting all sorts of different places


Sitting around in jammies talking on the phone all day. Best job ever and almost like not working if you like talking on the phone which I do.

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It was nice for the first couple of months, I had a young child at home because her daycare closed at the start of the pandemic, so it wasn’t really all that great trying to do phone interviews with a screaming toddler in the background

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I love being at home lol

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