Soft pull by DOD

I just noticed that my credit report has two soft pulls by the DOD. What does that mean? I have already met with a BI for top secret and all of my contacts were interview in July 2018.

It likely means that you are getting close to adjudication. How is your credit report? If there were some issues when the investigation started, they may be checking to see if you look better or worse.


I think they are also starting to do the “Continuous Evaluation” process where they check on stuff periodically in between periodic updates.

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Thank you! My credit is perfect. No debt, no late payments and near perfect score (above 800). Though I have other issues. I am a naturalized citizen. I am the only one in the US.


I have had several investigations over the past few years (its complicated :roll_eyes:), but I don’t see any credit inquiries that look like they could be from DoD or anything like it.

Do all the credit reporting services show these :“soft” pulls?

It says US Government-Department of Defense. All soft pulls. Appears on three different reports.

I think it is the continuous monitoring. When a person has credit issues, which you clearly do not with a great score, they will periodically pull at 3, 6 9 months to check progress. But with 800 score…have no worries.

How did you know your report was pulled? Did you check report history or did you get notification via email that your credit account had some activities?
Been checking my CreditKarma account and nothing lately except it went up 22 points from previous month.

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I checked annual report…

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I got the same exact thing. I had 3 different soft credit pulls by DOD between mid-August and early September of 2018. The weird thing is my security clearance is pending with Department of State, not DOD. I wonder if they may have been doing something with my military records in connection to my pending clearance.