Spouse’s Gambling Addiction is Not an Excuse for Unresolved Debts

Originally published at: https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/spouses-gambling-addiction-is-not-an-excuse-for-unresolved-debts/

A contractor was recently denied eligibility for a security clearance by the DoD CAF based on financial issues and personal conduct. He subsequently appealed to the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals. Here are the highlights of the case: The DoD contractor’s history of financial issues first started in 2007 when he became aware of his wife’s…

The decision makes sense to me. A big reason to deny a clearance based on finances is because of an increased risk that one’s precarious financial situation can be more easily leveraged by adversaries to convince someone to sell government secrets. A gambling problem, whether it is the subject or the subject’s spouse doing the gambling, seems like the proverbial, classic, high risk case.

Wow. That was clearly stupid decisions on his part across the board on every facet of his life.