Financial Issues Still the Biggest Reason for a Clearance Denial

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Of the 881 security clearance appeals heard by the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals this year, the overwhelming majority of denials involve financial issues. Most of the cases are pretty cut and dry because the applicant failed to take steps to mitigate the security concerns. Let’s take a look at what the adjudicative guidelines…


Hello, I have my appointment for Polygraph and medical exam in a few weeks, but a week ago I found out that I was victim of scam/fraud (criminals deposited an authorized check into my checking account). I reported the incident to the FBI.
Two days ago, i found out the bank reported the crime to the Early Warning Services and now I can’t open any account with any financial institution. I tried to talk to the bank in order to make myself responsible for the overdraft and make payment arrangements but the bank don’t want to talk to me. I’m devastated, I never did any illegal action in my entire life. What else do I need to do? Will I be able to fix my credit?
I talked to the institution that requires the security clearance and I explained that I was a victim of fraud. The person whom I talked to on the phone told me to go to my appointments (polygraph and medical exams) because they will run their own investigation. Do I need to hire a lawyer?
Please, I need your advice.

At this stage you should just follow the process and gather any documentation you have to corroborate your claim and be prepared to present the facts as they are.