How NOT to Mitigate Financial Issues in a Security Clearance Case

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In a previous post “Financial Issues Still the Biggest Reason for a Clearance Denial” I explained what the adjudicative guidelines stated regarding concerns about financial issues and ways for applicants to provide mitigation. Yet, it still seems almost every day we get comments or questions on the site from applicants asking about what they should…

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In 2015, I was late on my mortgage and car loan about 4 times not exceeding 30 days. As soon as I got a job, I became current. I forgot to mention that on my sf86 but when I had the interview I told the investigator about my mortgage loan and that I didn’t remember how many times I was late. When he called me two days later to update some info, I also told him about my car loan…and he said, that didn’t matter. He only wanted the mortgage info. I gave him estimated dates of when it happened. Is this an issue? It was so insignificant that I forgot about it. Honestly.

If that is the only issue and it has been resolved then you should be okay. The more serious issue is the appearance of not disclosing it on the form, but it can be overlooked if no other issues are present.

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I have seen additional info added during the investigator meeting. Marko was right (as usual). But I wouldn’t move forward saying it is insignificant. Can it happen? Absolutely. But don’t downplay it. Just own it. No income, generally means no outflow. If it is explainable it is understandable. FICO scores recover much faster under the new rules. As long as you are currently average or better and you show a trend of paying on time…you should be fine. You MAY sign a conduct letter acknowledging the finances require monitoring.

Thank you. Very helpful.