Financial Issues Top DOHA Clearance Denials in 2020

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Out of ninety-three security clearance appeal decisions made by the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) so far in 2020, sixty-eight of them involved financial issues. Failure to file or pay Federal and state taxes, delinquent credit cards accounts, collections, and a historical pattern of irresponsibility continue to plague applicants and their ability to…

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I suspect that the majority of online checks conducted as part of “Continuous Evaluation” will focus on financial issues, if only because they are probably the easiest to discover. I suspect that a bad credit score will be easier to discover than an arrest record… or at least it will be reported to all the credit agencies sooner than criminal history databases are updated.

I think they notice what’s on your credit report, not your score. If you’re asked, you better have a good answer. I went through financial issues after my divorce, like most people. If you can accurately document what the cause is and that you’re actively doing something about it, you’ll go a long way toward proving viability.

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I think you are correct about that but in the new era of CE, would any issues on the credit report trigger an investigation? A suspension? I’m talking about someone who is already cleared who has been enrolled in Continuous Evaluation, not someone being investigated for the first time.

Yes . . . I think that this is exactly the point of CE.

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There are specific events for each tier level that would lead to CE Subject interview. Credit score is not one of them. Unreported bankruptcy, court actions, liens, collections, and delinquencies (over 120 days) would probably be CE events.