Strange question


Just had my interview, investigator ask if I had police activity on my current residence, is that a normal question to ask. I didn’t see it on the Form SF 86


did you have police activity? we check police reports and ask neighbors.


Hi Randy, I have read some of your posts and just wanted to throw my 2c in. It’s possible they asked because of that previous false claim. Although nothing came out of it, they were probably wondering if anything similar had occurred.


It sounds like a normal question to ask. Two agencies asked my that question.


I think that this is the third thread were I have seen you ask this question: There’s nothing unusual. If they didn’t challenge you with contradictory information there’s likely nothing there.


Not at my current residence


I guess it to late a answered no, but there was two years ago


That is a normal question and it is supposed to be asked on all T5 and T4 cases. As investigators, we do ask questions that are not on the form…