Suitability question

I understand that the general rule for the CIA/NSA is no drug use for the last year. However, if the use was a bit more than experimental(about 20 times of marijuana, no other drug use though), could that potentially make me be found unsuitable for employment. Last use was over 5 years ago, and in teenage years. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If you have not had any use at all in five years, that is good. From my understanding, using drugs when you’re a teenager is viewed differently than drug use when you’re 30 or so.

Now, when you tell the investigator it was 20 times, he might say, well, could it have been fifty. And you might think, hmm, who knows, possibly, so you say, maybe it was as much as fifty. To which he will say, well then maybe it was really 100? So think about it beforehand, come up with the number that you have good confidence in, and say, no, it was no more than 20 times.

I’m not telling you to lie or not admit to 100 times (in my opinion, there’s not much difference). But just be prepared that they will probe a little bit to make sure you are telling the whole story. I wonder if they write up, “Subject initially stated he had used drugs 20 times but upon further questioning admitted to 100 times” and whether or not that looks bad.

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You’ll be fine. That’s plenty of time, just be honest with them.


General rule of thumb…5 years can mitigate trafficking of MJ. 3 years non use can mitigate heavy use. 24 months for regular user (most weekends), and 12 months if youthful experimentation. Be forthright and honest and you likely sign an acknowledgement letter. If no other issues…I believe you are okay.

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Understood. Thank you for this insight.