The Whole-Person Concept for Security Clearance Applicants

Originally published at: The Whole-Person Concept for Security Clearance Applicants | ClearanceJobs Blog

In applying the Whole-Person Concept, an administrative judge or adjudicator must evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for a security clearance by considering the totality of the applicant’s conduct and all relevant circumstances. You will see this verbiage written in all of the case summaries by Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals judges. They must consider all available…

Excellent take away. This needs to be a posted oath that’s read and signed by the clearance holder during each employment evaluation period.

I received a secret clearance less than a year out from BR. In fact my financial advisor advised because of a car lease mishap… blah blah blah. That was 5 years ago and a potential employer is asking me to update for a TS/SCI. Will my only having a mortgage - no credit cards, no loans, my car is almost paid off (could pay it off before I submit) show I’ve learned my lesson and a TS be possible? I like the job and would be interested but don’t want to end up unemployed or lose my secret (although without a job requiring one I’ll lose it anyway).