Top Secret question

Hello everyone! I have a question. Back in May 2016, I was offered a job with a TS. I filled out all the forms and was truthful in saying that I had tried CBD oil with no THC. I only tried it a couple times and it was for a medical condition and my dr recommended it. That was in April 2018, which is when I tried it and discontinued it. I have not used it since. Anyway, I disclosed this on my SF-86 and they immediately discontinued the process for ASQ; Drug Termination because the DEA considers this the same a marijuana. I recently got another job with a surprise TS. Will this last CBD use hurt me? Any advice is appreciated!!

I have no idea how it might affect your eligibility with other agencies, but I can see where DEA would be especially concerned about anything like this.

Thanks for your reply. The job is not with DEA; they listed CBD as marijuana then. I am not sure now that it seems CBD from hemp is legal federally.

Sorry, misread the original post. Anyway, the “official” line is that CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC. My own personal theory is that urinalysis tests can’t distinguish between CBD and THC. Who knows,

Yes, it was a stupid error on my part. I am hoping with it being over 2 years they will not deny me because of that. I changed jobs back in April and had to have a drug test for the job and of course passed so I am hoping they look at that and see I am not some druggie. Thanks for your response.