Top secret security clearance

I’m 18 years old I’m going in the army my MOS has a top secret security clearance. I smoked weed when I was 15 twice. Is smoking weed two times going to be a denial for my top secret security clearance??

Not anymore! At least I don’t think so. Don’t let the recruiter fill out the form for you, some people get messed up that way.

I am an investigator and not an adjudicator but from my understanding if that is the only issue and you are being truthful about the timeline, frequency, etc. then I do not believe it will disqualify you as long as you are upfront and honest. If your recruiter tells you to leave it off or lie, DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT ADVICE! Lying is the absolute worst thing to do! Your investigator will have to address the issue with you during the interview and ask a lot of questions about it so just be prepared for that upfront. Good luck.


It was two years ago. December 2020.
I smoked 2 times. The 23th and 24th smoke 1 time each day. So its been 2 years. Is that long enough. Sorry my time line was off.

Within the last year is a bigger deal and if you were in a position of national security at the time makes it a larger issue as well. It does not sound like either of those apply. Two times in two days can still be seen as experimental and not habitual. Be honest and upfront. Answer the investigator’s questions. There will be several, just know that upfront, and don’t freak out.