TS Level Clearance

Good Evening all. I got out of Army awhile ago with excellent secret clearance record after being in for 15 years. Based on me being very good at what I do and probably one of the best in my field I was chosen for a very elite defense contractor position. I’ll be one of the lucky few put in for a Top Secret level governmental clearance. So a question I have is this. I live in colorado and I had neighbors who smoked marijuana and I smelt it a couple times. Will this put my top secret level clearance in jeperdy? Having held a secret level clearance for 15 years and being quite frankly very excellent at my job they would make an exception right?

Smelt or inhaled/smoked? How recent?

I don’t think that any of us should be biting at this troll . . .


Lol good call…thought maybe guilty conscious/dodgy on drug use… But more then likely troll.

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I suppose if one partakes…they also smell it. We sometimes use a cleared temp agency to get cleared candidates. After a few interviews it was clear they were sending people separated under “other than honorable” conditions, and several got out and sparked up. Suddenly they decide “I am most excellent and elite,” and want to work at a “most excellent and elite” cleared company. Sorry, use of controlled substance while one possesses a security clearance…is its own standard. They are not likely to overlook it at all. Matter of fact they will take a strong a stand, deny the clearance. and want 2-3 years minimum before considering a new one. I certainly would not advise “not telling the truth.”