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I currently work as a government contractor with a secret clearance, but I was just offered a government position that will require a TS. I am reluctant to accept the position because I am very concerned about my driving record. My fiance and I just recently had a baby and it would be a terrible time to go from a stable job with a clearance to having neither.

My driving record over the past 7 years includes the following:

Speeding: 09/2013, 07/2015, 03/2016, 05/2018, 09/2019
Operating uninspected vehicle: 12/2013 and 01/2017

The 03/2016 offense was a reckless that was reduced to speeding due to faulty equipment.

Beyond the traffic infractions, the rest of my background is clean. I have no foreign contacts, I am financially sound and no drug/alcohol use. What do you all think the chances are of me getting a favorable outcome with my clearance?

Thank you all for your time.

Traffic isn’t an adjudicative factor per say…however your judgement may get called into question. I’m guessing yuo pay a healthy insurance cost with that many tickets. I know in Virginia a reckless driving will cost a lot of money.Over $1500 for one of my recent employees after factoring in court costs, lawyer fees, etc. But he did not do jail time so that was a plus. Basically slow down. Any fines over $300 will require reporting.

Thank you for the response Amberbunny2. I also live in the DMV area, and you’re right, my insurance is pretty high. As for my personal conduct, I guess they would just look to see if there are additional negative factors to tip the scales in an unfavorable direction?

Altough traffic offenses in and of themselves are not disqualifying, when there is a pattern of behavior that leads to multiple traffic citations then there may be concerns from an adjudicative point of view. The ADR states:

Multiple traffic citations for reckless or high-speed driving, including driving with a
suspended license, are examples of high-risk behavior that may be a security
concern. Multiple minor offenses raise concerns about a person’s attitude toward authority and responsibility. A person who feels above the law in this respect may also feel that some security regulations are unnecessary and do not merit his or her

As Amberbunny says, stop the behavior or else it will be a problem.

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Your multiple speeding offenses indicate a pattern of disobeying/disregard for the law so why should you be trusted with classified information? I understand that traffic offenses and leaking classified information are two very different issues, but it still indicates a pattern for disregard of the law. From what I’ve learned by following this blog is that many issues, themselves alone, can be mitigated. However, a PATTERN of repeated issues, such as disregard for the law, they view as a predictor of future behavior. They may view your high-risk behavior as a security concern.

Traffic offenses are generally not considered too serious and minor speeding/parking violations are not even considered issues in most instances.

In your case, it really depends on how egregious the speeding offenses and uninspected vehicle offenses are. If you got a ticket for a headlight out, I don’t think that will really affect much. It is something we all do. The same can be said for 10-15mph speeding offenses in general, though it mostly depends on the fine amount.

As for the reckless driving charge, that will likely be considered an issue, which basically means we will want to conduct follow-up for details to assess the seriousness. I obviously don’t know the exact details, but if you plead down from a DUI to a reckless driving (very common occurrence), then you best note that in the alcohol section of your security questionnaire as well.

In the scheme of a security clearance, Nothing you listed really screams big red flag, but it depends on the underlying details.


Truth. It isn’t always the disposition of a case or charges…it is the conduct leading to the situation that matters more. Case in point a DUI getting pleasded down. They still want to know why you chose to drink and drive.

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