Driving Infractions, Alcohol Abuse and Anxiety

Good Afternoon,

First, thank you to the site administrators for this site, it has been a blessing over the years for so many of us.

I am being offered an upgrade from a Secret to a TS clearance position, which would require me to go through another background check. However, I am worried about a couple of factors that may affect my ability to acquire a TS. Like many, I have a family that I am providing for, and I worry that accepting the position could end up resulting in me losing my job altogether.

After reviewing my driving record, I recognize that I have a heavy foot that needs addressed… I have 4 speeding charges on my driving record that occurred on 09/2013, 07/2015, 03/2016, 05/2018. The occurrence on 03/2016 was a reckless that was dropped to a speeding (odometer calibration/drivers education) in court.

I recently began taking anti-anxiety medication again, but when I told my doctor that I drink 10-15 drinks a week (socially), he said that I am abusing alcohol. I have never gotten into trouble from drinking, but I have no problems abstaining from alcohol use if needed.

Should I reconsider applying for the TS position, or do you recommend any specific things that I should do ahead of time to mitigate these issues?

Thank you for your time.

You say you currently have a Secret clearance, so it is assumed you have reported the anti-anxiety medication and reckless driving charge…or perhaps not. The adjudicative guidelines are the same regardless of clearance level, the only difference here is the investigation would bring out more of these issues that you have and they would need to be mitigated.

Thank you for responding.

On my original SF86 form the anxiety meds were reported. However, the reckless occurred about 2yrs after my Secret went through.

Which of these issues do you think should be mitigated? Any suggestions on how to do so?

That’s not alcohol abuse. The recommended maximum intake for men is 14 drinks/week (if you’re drinking that much in a sitting then it is likely binge drinking). Look up the DSM-V criteria for alcohol use disorders for the ground truth. If you haven’t been hit with an AUD you’re probably ok but I’d talk to a psychologist or other mental health professional if you’re really concerned.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks guys for your responses.