TS "Not carried" by previous employer

With my last company, the contract we supported didn’t require TS clearances, rather just Secret level. Those of us holding TS clearances requested that the company continue to hold them, because so many positions do require TS. Bottom line, they didn’t do that. Now, with a JPAS look up, I (and they, presumably) only show up as having a Secret level clearance. Since FSOs and contractor companies aren’t authorized to downgrade clearances, it isn’t an actual downgrade, or so I’ve been told. Then my question is, what is it? And how does a new company get me back to a TS status? Is it a simple administrative action?

I don’t believe that the company can “hold” you with a TWS when you don’t need it. If you don’t need it for two years, it goes away.

If has been two years, I think that you will need a full T5 BI and any required poly.

It does seem like a hole in the system but it’s the way that the rules are written.

I’m not sure that the two year thing is correct in this instance. I think you are still cleared at the TS level based on the collateral clearance level. I think you remain eligible for access for 5 years (or now 6 based on the latest guidance). I understood the 2 year rule to apply for situations where a person didn’t require access for a two year period and that triggered a new investigation.

Eh, every time I think I have this figured out I hear a head scratcher :wink:

Thanks. I got some feedback from a potential/prospective employer in the area, one of their PerSec folks said that it’s not a true “downgrade,” even though it appears that way to a casual observer. The real problem comes in when you get an improperly trained FSO who doesn’t understand the nuances, and may even think that you’re being intentionally deceitful wrt your access level. Scary stuff, really.