TS/Poly experience

Question, was called back for a follow up examine due to issues with my original answers. Next examiner was initially friendly however as the examine dragged on (+3 hours) he became belligerent continually suggested I was lying in three areas. Essentially accused me of possibly being a foreign agent. I strongly retorted "I’m not a spy, strap me up and let’s do this again… " He concluded the examine and mentioned something about possibly being contacted by QA… should I be concerned?

What agency was this for?

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This was for examination CIA

Your experience is not unusual. CIA (and NSA) polygraph operators initially accuse almost everyone of lying or withholding information, and then have them come back for one or two follow-up séances accompanied by more baseless accusations and interrogation. You may very well have passed. But you might also be invited back for a third round.

By the way, CIA and NSA are using the same polygraph technique that they’ve been using since they began polygraph screening nearly 70 years ago. It’s called the Relevant/Irrelevant “Test.” There is to date no documented instance of the polygraph ever catching a spy.

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