Typing In The Field

Are investigators, for say, CACI or Peraton, able to type up their work up in the field, or in their car, or in a coffee shop? Or do they have to be sitting at their home office desk to do all the typing work with their laptop? Seems having the ability to do work/typing on the go, is better for time management and hitting metrics? I have no idea how all this works, so sorry for the dumb question.

Typing in the field should be fine. I wouldn’t use a public wifi. When I have had to do it, I use my phone as a hotspot. Also, make sure screen is out of view of others, which I’m sure you already know.

I’m trying to figure out how to type and drive at the same time so I can meet my metrics.


Haha! It takes some getting used to.

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You can dictate into the note pad app on the laptop (window H) which is quicker than typing and then copy and paste over to FWS and run the spell check. Be sure to give it a read through to make the the dictation did not write anything crazy then delete the note.


It should be alarming to all the management folks that read this blog that investigators are going so far as to dictate ROIs while driving so that they can meet these asinine metrics. Someone is going to get hurt…


I doubt they care. You can be easily replaced and that new person will probably be cheaper.


Sad but true. Their biggest problem is the amount of time it takes to get a new hire a clearance and onboarded and trained. If that process wasn’t so long, they would treat investigators even worse than they do now.


Lol I don’t dictate while I drive, I do it at home … it does save time though.

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LOL that’s too funny

You should be good to type in the field as long as you’re not connected to any random networks and you don’t have case papers laying around. I’ve needed to utilize time in between interviews on base or at a library when I’m not home to type my ROI’s - otherwise I don’t think I’d meet any production requirements.

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Late on this one.

I was developing a software where an Inv could take notes digitally at the neighbors doorstep and submit the ROI before getting back in your car. Huge time saver.

DHS declined due to they want to stay with the old hand written notes and old fax machines/ no emailing allowed either ……and also due to laws like in CA where they can’t track employees? I don’t know about that one because I Know some Fed Inv have cameras in their cars now recording their every movement.