Unscheduled supplements and substances

What’s the clearance policy on unscheduled supplements and substances? I’ve consumed bromantane in the past for increasing productivity, it’s considered a dopaminergic stimulate, sort of like coffee but without jitters and is clinically considered non-addictive.

All available information state it’s unscheduled in the US.

I’ve e-mailed the FDA, and others, got no answer.

I can’t begin to tell you what the clearance effects are for bromantane but as someone with Parkinson’s disease I tickled my interest due to its effects on dopamine production. Since Parkinson’s is a disease of reduced dopamine production.

it makes me absurdly productive, like 5 hours of gym+8 hours of study+work. And when you accomplish a task the way it works biochemically is by motivating you even more.

But it doesn’t drain Domaine stores, it actually creates new stores if I remember correctly.

Really fascinating stuff. I don’t use it everyday because of the limited research available, but Russian special forces allegedly use it, as it buffers stress response. DoD would definitely benefit from research it.

idk why, but Russians are lightyears ahead of us when it comes to pharmalogical performance enhancers.

I very, very strongly suspect it would be effective for your parkisons due to the fact that it is an adamantane derivitive, which was developed to treat parkison’s.

Anyway back to my original question.

I took Gocovri, an extended release version of amantadine, to treat levodopa induced dyskinesia before I had DBS surgery. I don’t recall any benefit to concentration or detriment when I stopped. Since the surgery I’ve cut back by 75% on levodopa so I don’t have dyskinesia anymore so no need for the amantadine.

Anyway, as you said, back to your question. I’m curious what others have to say.

The question asks about illegal drugs, controlled substances, and misuse of prescriptions. Does it fit in those categories? If not then it is not an issue. I do not report all my vitamins that I take, I do not report the controlled substances that ARE prescribed to me that I am taking AS PRESCRIBED. As long as the substance is not against FEDERAL law or being used in an illegal way then it is not required to be listed.