Semi-Accidental Drug use while having a security Clearence

After Leaving a job I was under the misunderstanding my security clearance had ended, and wished to try Marijana. I tried it for 2weeks for a total of 4 times, at which point of my own volition I stopped. 2 months or so later I was informed that I still possessed security clearance. I haven’t touched the substance since then. I am currently have gotten a job offer from a 3 letter agency. my question will I lose(/the likely hood I lose) my clearance and do you think I would be able to get the tc/sci?(I am aware I won’t get the interim clearance)

Im assuming you still had your eligibility as the clearance resides with the position. Splitting hairs either way as your recency of use is going to be your biggest hurdle.


thanks for the response!
I figure it would be, but no one said doing the right thing would be easy.