Up and coming Foreclosure


I have a TS/SCI and I am SAP eligible. I have 2 homes. A few years ago I moved into house B while keeping house A temporarily in preparation for sale. I have a mortgage on both homes.

While attempting to sell house A, it was discovered that house A had a defective septic system with the majority of it being on my neighbor’s property (a large pasture).

I had a buyer ready to buy it but the deal fell through when my neighbor refused to grant an easement.

I hired an attorney and the case has been in the courts for over 3 years. My neighbor is one of the wealthiest in my County and doesn’t show up to court and gets fined over and over again.

He is hell bent on not granting the easement and hires attorneys ad hoc to willfully cause delays.

Every time he causes a delay, 8 months goes by until there is another hearing and he keeps doing the same thing.

I cannot rent the property because of the defective septic system and his threats that he will contact officials asserting that I would be putting toxic bio waste onto his land.

I have been paying both mortgages for 3 years but I am financially tapped between legal fees and paying both mortgages.

I contacted the lender for property A and all they not only refused to help but doubled down with threats if I stopped paying.

I can no longer afford to pay for property A and as I mentioned I cannot get a renter in there.

I have heard that it is next to impossible to get a Short Sale/Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure here from several Attorneys in Virginia…I forgot why but I do remember that being the bottom line.

Any ideas how to proceed from here? Is it possible to keep my clearance?


Make sure your organization’s security office is aware of what you have going on. Do a self-report, even if you haven’t missed a payment. My understanding is a big part of financial disclosures isn’t finding out that cleared personnel have financial issues, it’s finding the ones that might do something unwise in an attempt to resolve those problems. This is an obvious stressor, very understandably, and it’s that kind of stressor that can give rise to security problems.

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What DiverBob said. Also, if you’re involved in a court action, that should have been reported to your FSO at the time of the filing.

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