Urynalysis Positive and SF86

Ok, I recently tested positive on a UA and on DEC 2017 because I took a medicine which I thought was Ibuprofen and it turned out to be Valium. (military side). I have the backing of my chain of command up to the battalion commander. They know my record, and it has been stellar for 15 years.( they will recommend to retain me when separation board comes up) I have never used any drugs or abuse alcohol. I recently applied for clearance job and in the process of completing my SF86. This is my 2nd time doing this because my first SF86 back in 2014 got denied due to a repossession and a unpaid telephone bill. (both items are taken care of now) 1099-c for repo and claimed it that year, settled on old phone bill. Should I mention the positive UA on SF86? or should I enroll myself in some kind of drug rehab program and forget about mitigating my situation on the SF86?
My unit did not recommend me to any drug program because it was one isolated situation and they are still working on the process of moving paper works up to the chain for retention. Will the positive UA DQ me for any chance of passing SF86 Background investigation?

You will have to annotate the incident given that drug use questions fall into the “EVER” category particular while being an active clearance holder. Unfortunately for you, the drug recency of the incident may impede your ability to get a government job in the near future regardless of the mitigation. However, each agency adjudicates based on their own standards.

You need to report this on your SF86 unless it was already submitted. If you have already submitted the SF86, be sure to discuss the incident during your subject interview… the positive UA will pop up eventually in the process.

Ok, I’ll withdraw my employment consideration for the job. How long should I wait? 3 years? I am working construction right now in a position that pays $90 an hour, but I was kind of looking towards long term federal benefits for me and my family to be more stable in the future. Is there a time limit mitigation for one time use of an unprescribed medicine?

Wait . . . You took the wrong medication by mistake and your going to withdraw your employment application? And wait three years?

No . . . Dig out the adjudication guidelines and read up on the mitigating factors that apply to your situation. Did this happen more than once? Was there any bad result? Is it likely to happen again? Do you have a history of taking medications incorrectly? Whose Valium was it? Why did you have it?

You are the poster boy for mitigating circumstances. Stand up! Your line officers are standing up for you. You owe it them and to yourself.

Don’t withdrawl this is straight from the guidelines “the behavior happened so long ago, was so infrequent, or happened under such circumstances that it is unlikely to recur or does not cast doubt on the individual’s
current reliability, trustworthiness, or good judgment” … “Past drug use was an aberration from an otherwise strong record of sound judgment and responsible and emotionally stable behavior”

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The situation happened once, The first time I took the medicine was just after a long day work shift doing overtime, (around late December 2017) I asked any of my co-workers if they had any anti inflammatory pain med like Ibuprofen and my co-worker gave me 2 pills, I looked at the pills(didn’t look any different from any meds) and took it that day, When January came we had a UA testing and found out that I had tested positive for a prescription medicine. Upon finding out I asked my co-worker what he gave me and found out he gave me his prescribed pills.Now I have been working with this guy for 5+ years and I know he meant to help me and his intentions were good but I asked him to write a written oath of what happened and have it notarized. (He did and I have statement on hand). I do take Ibuprofen or Aleve at times when I need it due to having back pain(neuritis) at times due to my line of work.(construction, labor, lifting carrying ,Heavy equipment operating). I don’t take anything else except OTC meds when I need to, it’s just that day I didn’t have any because I left my Aleve/ Ibuprofen at home. I have never been arrested, no, DUI’s, no military administration actions , 2 speeding tickets out of 20 years of driving. Now from what I read from this forum, I will be looking like a criminal on paper due to drug use…It’s just that I don’t want to take the chance and submit SF86 and get denied and waste my chance of getting a favorable background check and wait another 3-4 years. I figure if I wait it out let time mitigate my situation then I will have a better chance in the future to get that clearance job.

You should have little problem mitigating this and getting your clearance. It’s up to you what you do but you will have to explain this three years anyway. Why not get it done now.

No . . . You’re NOT going to look like a criminal . . . You’re going to look like someone who made a minor, one time, mistake.


I agree with @EdFarmerIII

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