USAJobs Clearance Information

Does anyone else find the USAJobs information on what clearance is required to be a nonsensical mess?

For example, I’ve seen jobs that say:

Clearance Required: Secret
Sensitivity/Risk: Critical Sensitive/High Risk
Trust Determination: Suitability

What does that mean? You get a T3 clearance based on a T4 investigation for a position that should be T5?

I think they are suspect at best, and a couple of people have reported getting conditional offers for jobs listed as requiring ‘other’ (public trust or some non-security clearance) only to be informed that they needed to fill out a full SF-86.

A good topic for discussion if you get as far as receiving an offer.

Definitely. No wonder some people seem confused about what, if any clearance they hold.

the sensitivity/risk level determines the background investigation type. Not all critical/high risk positions require access to TS or even S information.

I think much is cut and paste over previous job listings…old info stays on new listing. USAjobs has improved drastically as of late.

Keep in mind, USAJobs is at the mercy of the HR types that put the info in there, including the mysterious application status updates… or lack thereof.

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