Use of debt management for credit cards

Just wanted to know if possibility of clearance getting revoked for joining debt consolidation that did not pay creditors for 3 months while negotiating the program. Total was $70k and now am concerned if this will affect my clearance I presently have. I received a notice in equip about updating some financial info. I did this In 2018 after I had already had my clearance so didn’t think it was going to be a big deal and didn’t notify anyone. Please help if anyone has been through this or knows someone who has been through this. I don’t want to lose this clearance but the fact it was flagged concerns me

This will be an issue but should not be a serious issue as long as your security people were aware of the debts and the debt consolidation intent.

The best rule of thumb is “no surprises”. Don’t wait to see if someone will find out - report it and get ahead of the process.

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What if I didn’t inform anyone but when I filled out the equip after They Flagged it, I gave them all the i formation, contacts etc immediately? Will I still be ok?

So, you disclosed all your debts on your original eqip? Then, you consolidated them under a debt management program? That seems like a positive step. Your financial information was probably flagged due to changes in your credit and changes in the statuses of those debts.

If this happened in 2018 and didn’t throw any red flags, then I imagine it’s not a problem.

This is about as unanswerable as ‘what’s my timeline?’ No one here knows all your information and therefore can’t give you an accurate answer.

I just recently put this on my equip as it was just recently flagged so not initially. Hoping it is due to my credit info changing as someone stated. Hoping it’s fine since my clearance is still intact as we speak

Without knowing the financial details I can’t speculate. Basically, if the finances were 120days but not 135 days delinquent when you submitted your eQIP with the issues - I would have you discuss them as normal.

If they were 150 or more days delinquent - then you reported them on eQip - some of the questions would be along the lines, “why did you not report your financial issues before submiitting your eQip? Do you know the reporting requirements for security positions? When was your last security training? Why do you know follow self-reporting requirements?..:”

You are always better off self-reporting any issue for anything found on the SF86 / eQip / SCA before an investigator shows up or you have to submit your eQip.

Thank you for that info!!! So the clearance is still intact and it was less than 120 days. It was over a year ago I consolidated so you think My clearance wouldn’t be revoked after this amount of time? Just want your opinion…

I now know I should have reported before but unfortunately did not

I am currently in a debt settlement program, and my FSO knows about it. I was submitted for my pre-invest in October 2019. Even though I was 60-90 days delinquent on a payment (I had to in order to be a part of the settlement program), I included it since it would more than 120 days late after the investigator saw the investigation forms.