Vindictive Ex Husband Lied On Me in Divorce Case

I have a Background Investigation (No clearance). My reinvestigation is due in April 2022.

Here is my situation:

I got divorced from an abusive ex husband who vowed that he was going to ruin me personally and professionally. When I filed for divorce he went for my throat. He filed the most egregious lies on me in our divorce proceedings that were essentially crimes!

He said that I did drugs, stalked and harassed his daughter, had affairs with 2 men, etc. None of these things were true! He attempted many times to get me to reconcile with him, but I would not and moved forward with the divorce which set him off! I have emails and texts from him begging me to not end the marriage. He was a government employee and had a clearance and he actually worked in the same office as I did at one time, so he knows how accusations can affect a person’s background investigation or clearance. He actually told me in an email that when he is done with me that I will be hungry and homeless. Pure evil!

My question is does an adjudicator takes the word of an ex spouse as facts? Should I pay to take a polygraph to prove my ex lied on me to protect my job? I even hate revisiting this divorce because it reminds me of the high level of stress I was under during the proceedings.

Any advice would be appreciated.

No, they do a whole person approach. So his world will have some weight but they will also speak to other people. Your sources who have knowledge of the situation.

Every issue brought up by a former spouse (or other source) is supposed to be chased down to find the validity. When I suspect a Source is being the dirty dog, I remind them that providing false or misleading information during a federal investigation is a felony.

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